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Ndigena: Video Production Company

About Ndigena

Our lean, documentary style of production allows us to get right into the culture of a business and bring that story to life. Our conversational interview style allows our talent to get comfortable in front of the camera, which is a crucial ingredient to capturing a genuine representation of who a person really is. We don’t present just the surface of a company. We dig to the core and share ideas, stories and values. That’s what sticks.


From the beginning, we’ve always believed that the best strategy is to let our work speak for itself. Our teams would simply show up to cover local events, sharing video and event photography on social media. Later, partnerships with well-known, regional companies allowed us to increase our brand visibility. Our content made our partners and their people look good, and we built a reputation as the go-to video production crew in Montana.

Ndigena continues to develop and add to our content creation services while building meaningful business relationships with clients across the region.

Your Story Already Exists. Let’s Bring it to Life.